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Sunny Cities®

Vireõ is a member of the Hibiscus Working Group. This working group was established in 1992 by eight hibiscus growers.

Based on conditions formulated by the working group (see features Sunny Cities) a new range of Hibiscus varieties were developed in the years after. Nowadays, 30 of the ‘Sunny Cities’ varieties can be found in the Dutch flower auction statistics. All Sunny Cities varieties have excellent branching habits, make many buds at each branch, flower richly, have a good continuation of flowering and  a long life.

In the first years all energy was put into extending the number of colours in varieties that are suitable for smaller pot sizes.

More recently the Werkgroep focuses on the development of varieties for regular as well as for smaller and larger pot sizes. Also double flowers and continued flowering are important objectives in the breeding program. The first results have already been added to the assortment in smaller as well as larger flowered varieties.


Sunny cities

For further reference: http://www.hibiscus-sunnycities.nl/werkgroep_en.htm