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Favourite roses

Vireõ markets potted roses under the label Favourite Roses. These are available in four different sleeves, to go with the four seasons, which enables Vireõ to stand out in every season. The basic design for each season is the same, but the colours vary.

Vireõ’s sleeve concepts stand out and are trendsetting in their area. We are also able to design and carry a sleeve, customized to our customer’s wishes.


p10,5 Romantic Blue  

Romantic Blue

Available from November to January
This sleeve has blue and brown accents.

Romantic Red p10,5  

Romantic Red
Available from February to May
The mainly red accents used on the Romantic Red-sleeve, draw focus to love: St. Valentine’s Day, Woman’s Day and Mother’s Day.

Romantic Summer p10,5  

Romantic Summer

Available from June to late August.

The Romantic Summer-sleeve is yellow, pink and orange. The butterflies attract extra attention.

Favourite Roses Romantic Pink  

Romantic Pink
Available from September to October
The Romantic Pink-sleeve is designed in shades of pink.