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HPD Potplanten

HPD Potplanten 


The history of HPD Potplanten
HPD Potplanten was founded in 1998 as a joint venture of Kwekerij W. van Diemen and Hedera Plant. HPD is specialized in the growth of potted roses, which are marketed under the label  Favourite Roses. In our 66.000 m2 large nursery, six million potted roses are produced annually.

Our most recent assortment

HPD closely cooperates with various breeders. This allows us to offer our customers a very innovative assortment of potted roses.


We have recently expanded our nursery considerably and acquired the most up to date equipment. Multiple robots and cameras allow us to inspect each plant during several stages of its growing process. This enables us to deliver a potted rose that exactly meets the specific demands of our customers.

In our laboratory we examine the properties of our latest innovations. Among other things, their quality, colour and durability are tested. This way, we continue to provide our customers with premium quality potted roses.


MPS GAP and MPS SQ certified (www.my-mps.com)