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Heemskerk Plant

Heemskerk Plant

The history of Heemskerk Plant

In 1961 Heemskerk Plant started as Gebr. Heemskerk, growing roses. The priority, was the quality of the roses. Over time the company expanded to 1.1 ha.

Harold Heemskerk
In 1996 Harold Heemskerk was given the opportunity to take over and continue the company. In 1998 heemskerk Plant expanded with a newly built nursery of 1 ha. Another 1,5 ha was added in 2002.

Products and quality

Due to the changing demands of the market, it was decided to make a change of product in 2008. The (cut) roses were replaced with Zamioculcas and Mandevilla.
The Mandevilla is available on a yearly basis in spring and summer. Heemskerk Plant currently produces different varieties and shapes of this magnificent patio plant in pot sizes from 19 cm to 30 cm.

Zamioculcas is available throughout the year in several potsizes.


Nowadays, great care is taken to maintain high quality within the current assortment, just as with the roses in the past.


MPS A certified (www.my-mps.com)

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