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Hedera Plant

Hedera Plant

The history of Hedera Plant

In 1981 Hedera Plant started growing Ivies (Hedera) in a 10.000 m2 nursery, located in Mijdrecht. Back in those days it was still unique to grow only one product on such large scale.

Because of the large production, Hedera Plant could always provide her customers with the quantities requested and good quality.

Second nursery

In 1982 Hedera Plant started a second nursery of 20.000m2 located at the Hoofdweg in De Kwakel. Because of this we were able to produce more varieties and different potsizes. We now qualified as an overall supplier of this product.

Hedera Plant’s nurseries

As of 2012 Hedera Plant owns six nurseries with a total surface of 190.000m2. Several other companies produce semifinished products on our behalf as well. Five of our nurseries are located in the vicinity of Aalsmeer and one is located in the Noordoostpolder. Our own fleet of trucks enables us to respond quickly to any request our customers may have.

Assortiment of Hedera Plant

As we grew over the years, so did our range of products. At present we grow over 25 varieties of Hedera. Most of these varieties can be used inside as well as outside. We produce pot sizes from 8,5 cm. to 24 cm. The growing time differs from 12 weeks to over 2 years.

Besides Ivies, Hedera Plant also grows Aglaonema, Codiaeum, Cupressus, Dracaena, Dieffenbachia, Pachira, Sansevieria, Schefflera, Yucca and Zamioculcas.


MPS GAP and MPS SQ certified (www.my-mps.com)