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About Vireõ


Vireõ acts as the umbrella company to a number of growers. These growers have joined forces on buying, selling, concept development and order management. The nurseries are located close to the flower auction FloraHolland Aalsmeer. Together, they cover over 30 hectares.

High quality products
All our growers pride themselves on the high quality of their products, grown under contemporary and durable circumstances. The quality of our flowers are regularly checked during growth as well as in the final stages of sorting. This way we are able to guaranty the constant and excellent quality of our products.

Wide range of products
Our wide range of products enables Vireõ to deliver all sorts of combined orders, whether in large or smaller quantities. At the client’s request, we are also able to incorporate products outside of our assortment in to a delivery. The various products of Vireõ are available in different forms. Often, they can be delivered in exclusive wrapping, decorative pots or with added value. 

In house trade fairs

Together with several other growers, Vireõ hosts three in house trade fairs on a yearly bases: the Garden Fair, the Retail Fair and the Green Fair. These fairs provide the participating growers with an opportunity to present their products for the coming season. 

Showroom, photo- and design studio.
Vireõ has its own showroom, photo- and designstudio at its disposal. Here, we develop our own retail and packaging concepts. The Vireõ sales team co-operates with its customers in a pro-active manner in order to gain the best sales result possible for each member of the group. Together with our customers, we design special actions and decide how to use the added value to it’s best advantage.

Enduring customer relations.
Vireõ values its long-term customers. We offer our customers excellent products that meet their needs, as well as inspiration, added value and reliability. 

Durable production 

Vireõ acknowledges its responsibility to our environment. We therefore produce in a closed environment and make as little use of pesticides as possible. The products we import from Central America all originate from growers that produce in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. All Vireõ growers are MPS certified.